Happy New Year! I do hope you have had a restful Christmas and feel suitably recharged for the New Year ahead.

Let’s start with some tips for New Year change (I avoided the the ‘R’ word) as change is constant throughout the year and our lives.

January can be the best time of year for some people to consider making changes. It’s a time when we feel more motivated for change when we have identified something that we want to start or stop in our lives. However maintaining change can be difficult sometimes (I won’t use the often dreaded ‘resolution’ word). Here are eight suggestions to help get your changes into action and keep up the motivation.


  1. Choose only one change

When you focus your attention on one thing that is important to you, success is more likely and it will increase confidence and motivation in other areas of your life.


  1. Feel connected to the change

Focus on change that you feel connected with (what will have changed for the better, how will you know it has happened) that you want to do rather than something you feel you ought to do

  1. Be realistic and kind to yourself

Think of your change as a long-term strategy for getting where you want to be. There is little point choosing a goal that feels too difficult right now and you will feel unable to stick to.

  1. Prepare yourself properly

Talk to people, read up online, do anything you need in the days before starting so you feel so you feel in the best place when it’s time to start.

  1. Write it down

The brain can focus much more clearly when our goals are written down. With goals flow actions and planning. Writing it down is like drawing a map to your chosen destination.


  1. Be specific

It is easier to confirm that you have been successful in your goal if you are specific. Rather than saying ‘I’m going to drink less’ perhaps you could say ‘I am not going to drink from Monday to Friday for three months’.


  1. Focus on what’s going well in your life

In the times you may be feeling that motivation is dropping and that you are likely to give up, try this exercise. Start writing the things that are going well in your life (even the littlest things). You could make this a game on how long you can do this or come up with a minimum number. This will help you get back into the part of the brain that is best likely to help you through.

  1. It’s ok to change direction and your resolution

The captain of a ship has to navigate around choppy waters, changes in weather and events that force a change of course. In our lives we are just the same. If you need to change then see it as that rather than giving up and letting go of the steering wheel. Remember often the journey is just as important as the outcome.


2017 has proved to be an eventful year for me with a new room in Redland, in addition to Bedminster, and gaining an additional qualification in Medical Hypnotherapy. The New Year looks very exciting indeed!


With very best wishes for a fantastic 2018,



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